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    27 may, 07

    Los cinco mejores aviones reconvertidos a bar del mundo

    Son tremendos, algunos podríamos convertirlos en sitios de peregrinaje para los foreros

    Spending your free time hanging out on an airplane before hopping on an airplane to actually go somewhere isn't everyone's cup of tea. Five airports around the world are betting otherwise, however, as they've actually taken airplanes—ones which can no longer buzz up into the air—and installed them as bars, all in the name of getting you buzzed instead.

    Now, without further ado, here are the Five Airport-area Bars Made From Actual Airplanes:

    · Runway 34, Zurich International Airport, Switzerland
    This is the most hardcore of the four bars by far, considering that it not only sports a bar on the wing of a decommissioned Soviet Ilyushin IL-14 plane, but a restaurant beneath it and an events space above the other wing. The airplane, which is fully enclosed and preserved in a little hangar structure, sits at the end of Zurich Airport's actual Runway 34. If you've got a long layover at ZRH or its your final destination, exit security and grab a taxi. The restaurant is only a 5-minute drive and completely worth it. Read about our own visit here.

    · Jumbo Bar, Amsterdam-Schiphol International Airport, The Netherlands
    Schiphol has a pretty excellent secret—not only is there an old 747 parked there, but it's been turned into a hostel. Along with the hostel, however, is a whole bar back near the tail section of the airplane, so you don't have to sleep in cramped quarters just for a reason to experience this unique attraction. The Jumbo bar even features a little extra incentive to get people visiting in the summer; patrons can walk outside on the left wing! To reach it, exit security and grab the #14 transfer bus (it's free), which makes a stop next to the Jumbo.

    · DC6 Diner, Coventry Airport, England
    Can you believe this old airplane is the newest funky airport bar of them all? This Douglas DC-6 seats 40...for a meal. If you're in the mood to gnaw a steak in the fuselage, you totally can. Otherwise head up to the cockpit for the cocktail bar. May we suggest ordering an Aviation? Coventry Airport isn't the busiest place, so most visitors will likely fly into nearby Birmingham. From there, you've go to grab a car and drive the A45 to reach the DC6.

    · Solo's Airplane Restaurant, Colorado Springs Municipal Airport, USA
    There is a US Air Force Boeing KC-97 sitting in Colorado and somehow, it usually gets left off the lists of cool airplane conversions. Of the 275 seats at this restaurant, 42 are inside the plane itself, and the whole place is covered in aviation memorabilia. The diner food ain't all that bad, either. To stop in for a drink, exit security from Colorado Springs Airport and catch the free transfer bus to the Radisson Hotel. The plane half sticks out of the restaurant, and it's at the corner of the hotel's parking lot.

    · Alta Quota Pizzeria, Rome Fiumicino International Airport, Italy
    It mostly resembles what would happen if a retro airplane drove through a greenhouse, but this little pizzeria on the outskirts of FCO was built around a decommissioned Italian Air Force Convair CV-440-96 Metropolitan. Nothing much is known about this place, other than you definitely need a car to reach it. It's at the intersection of Via Alberto Brondi and Via Trincea delle Frasche, and therefore easily Google Mappable.

    Bonus: There's a hot dog stand in Tulare, California (south of Fresno) that's made out of a 1950-60s era airplane. It's appropriately named Aero Dogs. There's many more airplane restaurants that aren't so convenient to airports, like this one in Bangladesh, so let us know!

    Fuente: Five Airport Bars Made From Actual Old Airplanes || Jaunted
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    Буран & Энергия
    02 ene, 09
    Байконур Космо.
    Creo que en el aeropuerto de Arlanda hay un 747 que hace funciones de hostal... No estoy muy seguro...

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    04 ago, 10
    En madrid recuerdo que cuando era crío me llevaban a un restaurante con un avión cortado por la mitad. Y tengo una foto antiquísima de un bar montado alrededor de un DC3, pero no sé si es en españa o no.

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    25 ene, 09
    Cita Iniciado por Buran Ver Mensaje
    Creo que en el aeropuerto de Arlanda hay un 747 que hace funciones de hostal... No estoy muy seguro...
    Sí que lo hay! Lo he visto in situ por fuera. Creo que en aquel momento aún estaba pendiente de inaugurarse. Esta es su web:

    Jumbo Stay

    Y como podéis comprobar si echais un vistazo a las fotos en la web, creo que los que escribieron la noticia se equivocaron y pusieron fotos de este hostal cuando hablan de Schiphol. No sé si realmente hay otro "747 hostel" en AMS. A mí no me suena y no lo he visto nunca pero podría ser...

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    Aerotrastornado 2.0
    13 may, 08
    En las nubes
    Pues no conocía ninguno de todos estos!

    dejo los que yo tenía fichados en Sandglass



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