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    TODOS los F/A-22 se quedan en tierra.

    The Air Force has grounded all of its F-22 Raptors until further notice because of potential malfunctions in the fighter jets’ oxygen-generation system.

    Gen. William Fraser, commander of Air Combat Command, ordered a stand-down of the 165-plane fleet May 3, ACC spokeswoman Capt. Jennifer Ferrau said. Ferrau didn’t immediately know how long the Raptors will be out of service.

    The On-Board Oxygen Generating System (OBOGS) has been under investigation since an F-22 crashed in November just outside Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska. Until the stand-down, Raptor sorties had been restricted to an altitude of 25,000 feet or below for training missions because of the potential malfunctions.

    The limits were “designed for mishap prevention and is a prudent measure to ensure the OBOGS are operating safely,” ACC spokesman Col. William Nichols said in March, when the command first publicly disclosed the investigation.

    An OBOGS malfunction can be potentially life-threatening, said Hans Weber, who sat on the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s Research, Engineering and Development Advisory Committee, and is president of Tecop International, a San Diego consulting firm.

    “It’s a big deal if you’re at high altitude and you run out of oxygen,” Weber said in a March interview.

    At 50,000 feet, a human being has less than 10 seconds of useful consciousness, he said. The 25,000-foot altitude restriction would allow the pilot to quickly dive below 18,000 feet, where the atmosphere has enough oxygen to ensure prolonged survival in case of an emergency.

    “It would take you so long when you’re way up high, you may black out before you make it to a safe altitude,” Weber said.
    Air Force grounds entire F-22 fleet - Air Force News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Air Force Times

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    Usuario de Oro
    02 jun, 07
    Al final los americanos ya no hacen mejores aviones

    Los Eurofighter ya los pararon cuando el accidente que hubo y ahora paran también los F22

    Por no hablar de cuando se reian del retraso del A380 y ahora sufren uno mayor con el 787

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    05 sep, 10
    has been under investigation since an F-22 crashed in November just outside Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska.
    Parece que tiene relacion con el accidente (que por cierto recuerdo que se comentó por aqui)

    La verdad tuvo que ser una situacion muy angustiosa, ver que te quedas sin O2 y que por mucho que bajes no te va a dar tiempo a llegar a tiempo...

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    24 ago, 08
    LEVC aunque me gustaría LEZL
    Les va a salir barata la broma.

    Hoy soñé con aviones
    que nublaban el día



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