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    18 jul, 08
    Camarillas (TE)

    El Spook 50. El KC-135T con fantasmas.

    Buenas. A raíz del post del 340 con el fantasma se me ha venido a la mente una historia que me contaron sobre un KC-135 de la USAF perteneciente al 92 ARW basado en Fairchild, Washington. Todo esto para decir que el post del 340 es una mariconada. xD

    Una foto del pájaro. Casualmente en AC no hay foto de este avión y en Airliners solo una.

    Photos: Boeing KC-135T Stratotanker (717-14 Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net

    Os cuento lo que a mi me contaron de este avión y luego 2 historias de internet. A mi me lo contó un compañero que coincidió con este avión en Manas y pudieron hablar con gente de la tripulación/mantenimiento. No hay mucha información sobre este avión pero ya investigare.

    Al parecer en este avión han fallecido 2 personas.


    En la guerra fría los KC-135 tenían un sistema montado para que cuando se bajara la escalerilla para que suba la tripulación el APU se arrancara para ganar tiempo, ya que eran aviones de alarma. Pues después de la guerra fría ese sistema se desmonto de los KC-135 y en este avión en alguna ocasión al bajar la escalerilla se arrancaba el APU como se hacia cuando llevaba el sistema montado. No se sabe el porque que se arranco.

    Me contaron que hablando con el crew chief del avión decía que nunca se subía solo al avión. Porque él notaba algo y no podia subir al avión solo.

    Ademas que el tripulante o los diferentes que manejan el BOOM notaban presencias.


    Ahora en ingles las que he encontrado en internet. Es de una pagina no se la veracidad de la misma es The Shadowlans.

    This is for the KC-135 reference under Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington. I’m a crew chief stationed out at Fairchild, and the jet you’re referring to is 58-0050, known to those of us in Maintenance as “Spook 50”. Although I can’t remember the exact occurrences behind either death on that jet, it is true that two people have died on separate occasions. You accounts of temporary power losses, items falling off mounting points, moans, and strange fuel leaks are true. Some other incidents that have happened while I’ve worked the night shift there are:

    In the control cabin (cockpit) there is a chair just to the left of the door to the cargo area (as in all KC-135s). A crew chief I know (who’s name I won’t use, as I doubt he’d want it known) was sitting in this seat one night filling out maintenance forms for the jet, and happened to glance to his right, and saw just out the corner of his eye, a “dark” hand reaching toward his right shoulder as if someone were leaning out to grab him from the doorway. Since then he has outright refused to go up into that jet for any reason, whether day or night. The same is for the others I’ll tell you about, and for myself.

    Another incident happened while towing Spook 50 out of a hangar onto a parking spot. When towing jets, someone has to sit in the pilot’s seat so that he can hit the brakes in case of an emergency. During this tow, I was walking along the left wingtip to ensure we wouldn’t hit the hangar door. The crew chief “upstairs” started freaking out, on the verge of panic, saying that he heard a voice in the jet calling his name and making “banging” sounds in the far back (where it’s normally near pitch dark, even in daytime) of the cargo area. After the tow was completed he couldn’t get off the jet fast enough, and we could all tell he was visibly shaken and scared.

    Yet another crew chief and buddy of mine was on Spook 50 during our shift inspecting panels and rivets on the wings. When he was done and putting the over-wing hatches back in place, his flashlight went out on him. He already was familiar with the hauntings on the jet and had two other flashlights with him. Overkill probably, but can you blame him? Neither of the other two flashlights would work, and even after jockeying batteries and light bulbs around, they wouldn’t work. When our truck pulled up to take him inside from the jet, we saw him climb down the crew entry ladder, and the second his feet were back on the ground, the one flashlight in his hand came on. He summed it up best by saying “I’m calling shenanigans. That jet hates maintainers.”

    I myself have heard strange noises, though not the groans mentioned in your description. Before being put on night shift, I worked days, and a few times could just barely make out voices having a conversation inside the jet, even though I was the only one up there. The voices were quiet enough that I couldn’t make out anything being said. I could only hear tones and sounds that at least sounded like human speech. The next part of this takes some understanding of our jets to really get. In the back of the cargo area, underneath the floor is what we call the “boom pod”. It’s basically just that, a pod, where the boomer climbs in, lies on his stomach, and controls the boom during aerial refueling operations.

    Later that same day I was working outside the jet when another co worker was upstairs, shutting down power. When he came down he gave me a weird look and said “weren’t you just upstairs in the boom pod?” I told him no, and he suddenly looked scared. He said he was sure he saw me (or someone) climb into the boom pod. He even saw and heard the grate open and close when “I” climbed in. After I assured him that I wasn’t upstairs while he was, all he could say was “We’re getting the f*ck out of here”. Whichever of the ghosts in Spook 50 is manifesting itself, it’s certainly not friendly, though to date it hasn’t hurt anyone.

    Hope this gives you some extra reading to put on your great site. Peace, from Kyrgyzstan.
    The Shadowlands: Ghosts and Hauntings

    I am writing in response to a crew chief that has had ghostly experiences aboard Spook 50 the haunted KC-135 at Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington. I used to be a hydraulics technician at Fairchild from 1998-2002. One particular night on swing shift well after dark I happened to be on Spook 50. As a hydraulic technician, it is our responsiblity to repair the air refueling boom. Spook 50 had been flown that day and had come down with an electrical on the boom. The 4 of us hydraulic technicians on shift went out their to see what was wrong. We put a boom tester on the end of the boom and the check was ready to go. The 3 other techs on shift were on a maintenance stand with the tester while I was running the test from the boom pod. The 4 of us were the only ones near the plane. Anyways, while I was waiting for them to commence their part of the test, I heard footsteps behind me. They seemed to come towards me until it got close to the boom pod and then alk away. Thinking nothing of it, I figured that they needed something downstairs so I asked them what they needed. They said they had been standing on the stand and had not moved and were ready to commence the test. I told them I thought I heard one of them upstairs but all 3 said they hadn't moved and that it was probably my imagination. The wind was not blowing but the fuselage floor had been sligthly bouncing as it does when someone is walking to the back of the aircraft. I realize now that I never heard the safety grate on the enterance come down so I am sure that no living person was up there with me. I had to go back up there and finish the test but since that day Spook 50 has always freaked me out. I have heard other stories from friends but that is my only personal experience.
    The Shadowlands: Ghosts and Hauntings

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    Lo que les faltaba... fantasmas... yo creo que mientras que no se pongan en la punta de la manguera y hagan de tapón no pasa nada... se puede convivir con ellos



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