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    Curiosa noticia (F-18 inside)

    Pues eso, que hoy buceando por el NavyTimes, me he encontrado esta historia. Del primer F-18 que es llevado a los Estados Unidos a bordo de un C-5.

    C-5 hauls fighter back to U.S. for repairs - Navy News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Navy Times

    Posted : Saturday Aug 27, 2011 7:34:11 EDT

    Air Force Master Sgt. Raymond Sambor was working the flight line at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, when he saw an F/A-18 land and catch fire. Five months later, Sambor and the Navy F/A-18 marked a historic flight together: He helped load the damaged Super Hornet onto a C-5 Galaxy to be transported back to the U.S.

    It was the first time a cargo jet has flown an American fighter back to the U.S. for repairs.

    “We load a lot of weird things,” said Sambor, an aerial port duty officer serving with the 451st Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron, “but that was definitely a challenge.”

    Civilians and military personnel from the Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy worked for five months to set up the transport, which is expected to save more than $40 million. The plane was loaded onto the C-5A on Aug. 18 and then flown to Naval Air Station North Island, Calif., so crews at Fleet Readiness Center Southwest can patch up the fighter.

    The F/A-18 was supporting troops in Afghanistan on March 12 when it experienced an unspecified malfunction, forcing the pilot to divert and land at Kandahar. The brakes caught fire upon stopping, and base firefighters rushed to extinguish the flames. The incident left severe damage to the right part of the fuselage, according to the Air Force.

    No one was hurt in the incident. The Naval Safety Center summarized the event as a “Class A” mishap, one that results in at least $2 million in damage to or destruction of an aircraft, or kills or permanently disables someone.

    Planning to transport the Super Hornet began in March and required coordination between Air Mobility Command and Naval Air Forces. Five Defense Department civilians arrived at Kandahar to begin preparation for the return.

    “Being that this is the first time we’ve ever done anything like this, the coordination and extensive planning to get the aircraft loaded and transported has been ongoing since March,” said Charles Miller, the F/A-18 deputy program manager who flew to Afghanistan to arrange for the transport.

    But all the hard work could save big bucks. A new Super Hornet costs about $65 million, but the repairs will likely cost about one-third of that, according to the Air Force.

    “Typically, an aircraft would be flown back to the States if the damage was minor,” Miller said in a news release. “But this F/A-18 sustained substantial damage which our engineering support team determined to be critical and unflyable.”

    An Air Force Red Horse unit built the wooden ramps used to load the fuselage onto the C-5’s ramp. A Marine aviation detachment provided equipment to help disassemble the aircraft. And NATO Base Operations Command provided hangar space to work.

    It took about three weeks to break down and load the F/A-18 onto the C-5. The civilians removed the wings and the tailfin, boxed them and sent them on a separate flight to California.

    Master Sgt. Donald Walter, the noncommissioned officer in charge of special handling at Kandahar, told Air Force Times in a phone interview he has a greater appreciation for the size of the service’s largest cargo jet.

    “When you look at the F/A-18 itself and you stand next to it, it’s a large fighter jet,” Walter said. “When you take the wings off and steer it into another aircraft, that’s when you realize how big the C-5 is.”

    Sambor had a different take.

    “When you see the C-5 and realize how huge it is, the [F/A-18] kind of looks like a Volkswagen,” he said

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    LEZL Spotter
    19 nov, 07
    La crisis.

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    14 oct, 09
    ¿La primera vez? He visto F15 en las tripas de los C5 cuando se mantenían en Getafe por CASA.

    ¿Y quedan C5As? Creía que todos eran B o el nuevo M remotorizado ¿no?

    Un pueblo con sólida educación no se deja engañar por sus políticos.

    El Miedo no es el estado natural del Hombre Civilizado.



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