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    Staff ForoAviones
    27 may, 07

    Carta de un controlador respecto a los controladores "dormidos" en sus turnos [ENG]

    Lo he visto en una web y me ha parecido interesante postearlo fuera de la noticia.

    Aporta otro punto de vista de los controladores.

    Está en inglés.

    My name is RobT. Ive been an air traffic controller for over 25 years.

    I spent the first 21 years on active duty with the U.S. Air Force filling positions as line controller, Watch Supervisor, Chief of Training, Chief of Standardization and Evaluation, Airspace Manager, and Facility Chief Controller in both Tower and RADAR facilities.

    Currently Im the Chief Controller of the RADAR Approach Control at Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan working for Midwest ATC Services. This combined Tower and RADAR ATC facility worked over 418,000 operations last year to an airfield with one runway, poor radios, and for a flying community where 40-50 percent of the pilots learned English as a second language. We also have no automation to aid the controllers with coordination or planning as the FAA does.

    My controllers accomplish this working 10 hour shifts six days a week rotating from days (8 a.m.  6 p.m.) to swings (2 p.m.  12 a.m.) to mids (12 a.m.  10 a.m.) on a daily basis. I ensure 12 hours minimum between shifts and there are never fewer than three controllers on duty. Our manning consists of 19 controllers including myself. The Tower has 15 controllers including their Chief.

    In the Air Force we worked similar shift rotations but they were never more than 8 hours in length with a minimum of 12 hours between shifts.

    Both in the Air Force and with Midwest we are forbidden by regulation to have any electronic devices in the facility such as televisions, radios, mp3 players, cell phones, etc. Operations are closely monitored by a shift supervisor in the same room as the controllers. He/She is often actively involved in the separation and sequencing of aircraft. This ensures everyones focus is on the safe and expeditious movement of aircraft. Did I mention this work continues even as the Taliban lob rockets at our airfield?

    I am embarrassed and disgusted at the recent news surrounding FAA controllers who fall asleep at work or are otherwise distracted and blame it on their working conditions. They claim their work cant be done without naps or increased time off. FAA leadership and the National Air Traffic Controllers Association are the number one cause of this attitude. Gross negligence is handled with a short suspension (with pay?) even for multiple infractions. To me, a suspension with pay is called a vacation.

    What is it going to take before effective steps are taken to ensure this type of behavior ceases to occur? Do we wait for an accident that results in a high enough dollar value or enough lives are lost? Mr. Babbitt and Mr. LaHood can make all the whirlwind tours of ATC facilities they want. They will only perpetuate the role of the ineffective parent threatening the spoiled child. The child knows nothing is going to happen and theyll eventually get what they want so why change.
    Another PR nightmare for the FAA
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    05 sep, 10
    Muy interesante.

    Pocas respuestas ha tenido el hilo.

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    * Banned *
    02 ene, 13
    Muy interesante.. !

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    Usuario Foroaviones
    29 nov, 12
    Como siempre, nadie reacciona hasta que hay un accidente fatal...

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    OPS está desconectado
    Usuario Foroaviones
    03 nov, 11
    Se desprende que sus medios son inadecuados e insuficientes para una operación civil segura pero "no ha pasado nada".

    Y como considera que "así puede hacerse" pide que los demás sean arrastrados a esas condiciones.

    Él no lo sabe, pero su mentalidad es españistaní 100%, ironías de la vida.

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    Caution Wake turbulence
    29 may, 07
    My controllers accomplish this working 10 hour shifts six days a week rotating from days (8 a.m.  6 p.m.) to swings (2 p.m.  12 a.m.) to mids (12 a.m.  10 a.m.) on a daily basis.
    Qué guays...



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