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    pilotar es mi vida
    06 nov, 08


    me he fijado en unos videos que el bae 146 no se aprecia la reversa:

    la pregunta es titne reversa?

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    Caution Wake turbulence
    29 may, 07

    No reversers are fitted to the 'Avro Lycoming'. .engines.Normally due to the fairly slow approach & touchdown speed,the aircraft has a very good short field landing performance.

    The brakes are quite powerful & are fitted with very efficient cooling fans.
    There are 4 spoilers on each wing upper surface.3 lift spoilers & 1 roll spoiler,all hydraulically powered.. .The lift spoilers are for ground use only,and are selected by a combined 'Airbrake'/'Lift Spoiler'lever.. .The'Airbrake'is the pair of vertically separated petals located at the split tail cone.. .On approach for landing the Airbrakes can be selected to any position between IN or OUT using the lever located on the central console,this provides for a 'Thrust'vs'Drag'configuration leading to a 'Stable' approach.. .After touchdown,the lever is moved rearwards thro'a detent into the 'Lift Splr' position.. .The 6 spoiler panels are then raised to destroy the remaining lift generated by the wings,and allow the full weight of the aircraft to settle on to the maingear,so assisting the breaking effort.



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