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    29 may, 07
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    ¿diesel o gasolina ?
    How the Wright engine worked
    The engine had no fuel pump, carburetor, or spark plugs. Nor did it have a throttle. Yet the simple motor produced 12 horsepower, an acceptable margin above the Wrights’ minimum requirement of 8 horsepower. Gasoline was gravity fed from a small quart-and-a-half tank mounted on a strut below the upper wing. The gasoline entered a shallow chamber next to the cylinders and mixed with the incoming air. Heat from the crankcase vaporized the fuel-air mixture, causing it to pass through the intake manifold into the cylinders.

    Ignition was produced by opening and closing two contact breaker points in the combustion chamber of each cylinder via a camshaft. The initial spark for starting the engine was generated with a coil and four dry-cell batteries, not carried on the airplane. A low-tension magneto driven by a 20-pound flywheel supplied electric current while the engine was running.
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    mmm no entiendo... que paso con el vuelo 815?

    pd: valla por dios xD ya se que paso con el vuelo 815 jejeje



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