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    FlyDubai estudia Gerona y Reus

    He puesto en negrita los aspectos más destacados de la noticia. Siento que esté en inglés, no la encontré en español.
    FlyDubai looks into launching 125 euro flights to the Gulf from Spain

    FlyDubai Is an airline 'low cost' with base in the emirate

    It will be decided next week. Budget airline, Flydubai could be the first company to link Spain and the United Arab Emirates from 125 euros for a one-way flight. The operator is interested in Girona and Reus airports: these would be its first destinations in Western Europe.

    Spain would be the first country in Western Europe. Flydubai will decide next week if it will begin to operate budget flights between Dubai and the Peninsula. If they decide to go ahead with the plans, the connection would cost 125 euros – the base price for the route to the United Arab Emirates that the company runs from Prague.

    "It would be the first country in Western Europe, given that the company flies to destinations in Eastern Europe". Flydubai is interested in Gerona-Costa Brava and Reus airports", explain tourism sector sources. The decision will be made next week in the Emirate in a meeting between members of the tourism sector and the short-haul company.

    Why Spain

    According to the same sources, Flydubai is interested in covering an emerging demand: the surroundings of Barcelona as a tourist destination. "The demand from tourists from the United Arab Emirates is starting to go beyond cities like Madrid and Barcelona. There is an interest in getting to know more: enotourism, weddings, rural tourism, etc", elaborate the same sources.

    An example of this is the contract that was recently signed by a Catalan company with Dubai tour operator, Al Koas Tourism. Nevertheless, if the air connection is established, it would also serve to transport Spaniards to Dubai. "It is a city with infinite possibilities, and the price of the flight would be far lower than with Emirates".

    Six hours

    Up to now, Flydubai has opted to 'tackle' Eastern European destinations such as Prague, Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Bratislava and Belgrade. If the deal is closed, Spain would be the first destination in Western Europe in which the airline operates, using a fleet of 50 Boeing 737-800.

    The range would not be changing: the destinations that the airline currently flies to, along with Spain, are at the six-hour flying time mark. Is the range of the 737-800s sufficient to reach Spain? "With less freight or passengers, yes. Plus an auxiliary tank can be installed. It's at the limit, but there are ways of doing it", explain sources from the aviation sector.

    Whatever the technical questions, passengers would note a substantial change: of the 450 euros that a return ticket costs with Emirates, Flydubai would offer a significantly reduced price.

    FUENTE: Flydubai looks into launching 125 euro flights to the Gulf from Spain
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