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    Testing Flight: Bombardier CSeries FTV1 Flying to Wichita Now!

    CSeries FTV1*Flying to Wichita Now!

    16 January 2014

    CSeries FTV1 Flying to Wichita Now!

    CSeries FTV1 Flying to Wichita Now!

    Updated: Januray 16, 2014 @11:02

    Bombardier CSeries flight test vehicle number 1 (FTV1) has left the Montreal-Mirabel Airport (CYMX), where it was assembled and based since its maiden flight. Registered as C-FBCS, the aircraft is leaving its Canadian base for its secondary home, at the Bombardier Flight Test Center (BFTC), in Wichita, Kansas. At issue is the fact that aircraft testing cannot be undertaken when visibility and ceiling are below VFR (Visual Flight Rules) conditions. The weather conditions required for flight under VFR are known as Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC).

    This first CSeries FTV airplane took to the air for the first time on September 16, 2013, four months ago. FTV1 is thus leaving Bombardier’s Mirabel facility to take maximum advantage from the balmier winter weather Wichita has to offer. The recent conditions around Montreal did not allow Bombardier to fly its CSeries aircrafts as much as anticipated. The move to Kansas should also get FTV1 going with more flying hours.

    Testing using CSeries FTV1 covers flight envelope expansion, stall testing, initial braking and flight performance involving many extreme physical tests.

    FTV2, the second CSeries airplane built by Bombardierfor testing, did its maiden flight earlier this month on January 3 of this year. The third test aircraft, FTV3, is awaiting a green light from Transport Canada toward its own inaugural flight within the next few days.

    FTV1 should be arriving Wichita à 14h local time.

    While in flight, you can follow "live" CSeries FTV1 from one of these two links:
    From PlaneFinder.net: BBA501 live flight tracking - Plane Finder
    From FlightRadar24.com: Flightradar24.com - Live flight tracker!

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