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    Vuelo al Polo Norte

    On 27th April 2013 it will be that time of year again: the “Deutsche Polarflug” (German Polar Flight) will take off at 8:00 a.m. on airberlin flight number AB1111 to fly to the North Pole. The twelve-hour round trip over the Arctic and the North Pole aboard an Airbus A330-200 is the only one of its kind worldwide and is not offered by any other airline. The aircraft follows a route from Berlin, flying over Norway and the Arctic Ocean towards the North Pole. During the flight, experts on the Arctic region will explain the special features of the Arctic landscape from the cockpit. The airberlin long-haul Airbus will repeatedly descend from its cruising altitude during the journey, to give the passengers a better view of the snow-covered mountains, ice floes and fjords. At the North Pole the Airbus A330-200 will circle the earth twice, by crossing all 360 lines of longitude in just a few minutes. On the way back the aircraft will follow the rugged eastern coast of Greenland, and then fly over Iceland and Scotland to return to Berlin. During the flight the airberlin cabin crew will serve meals inspired by Nordic influence, which have been created especially for this expeditionary flight.

    Karsten von dem Hagen, Teamleader Sales Ad Hoc Flights at airberlin, explains: “We offer this popular flight as a one-off special just once a year. The passengers are mainly nature lovers or amateur photographers, but there are also couples, for example, who want to spend their wedding anniversary doing something rather exceptional.”

    Tickets for this special flight are available from 499 euros online at polarflug.de and include all taxes, charges and topbonus miles. Feeder flights can be booked from many airports in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Rail&Fly Tickets are also available.

    Deutsche Polarflug is a product of Air Events Limited, a company based in Essen, which has been arranging round trips and ad hoc flights since 1998. Deutsche Polarflug has been organising flights to the North Pole as well as other round trips and expeditionary flights in cooperation with airberlin since 2007. The first five flights to the North Pole took off from Dusseldorf between 2007 and 2010. Since 2012, Berlin has taken over as the new gateway to the North Pole.
    airberlin press

    Airevents :: Rundflge - Sonderflge - Streckenflge | Sightseeing Flights


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